Are you struggling with securing sources to maximize your Q4 profitability?
Are you STUCK with the same suppliers looking for a fresh eye on where to find products?
Are you looking for expert advice from seasoned sellers to help grow your business?

eCom Q4 Summit has it ALL! 

After attending this summit you will be armed with the tools necessary to grow your business and take FULL advantage of Q4 profits!

So, the question becomes… how do you figure out what successful eCommerce experts are doing?

If you’re an industry leader, you get them together and ask. And because you’re a leader, they tell you!
I am a 3+ year full time Amazon seller on track to sell over 1 million in 2019. I have been in your shoes and have taught hundreds of people how to succeed on Amazon!

We know a thing or two about how to pull together industry influencers in high-quality events and convincing them to share all their latest strategies and secrets. With commitments from over 18 experts for our online event, eCom Q4 Sellers Summit, which kicks off August 5th, this can’t-miss event is sure to include information, tips, and strategies to help you launch and grow your business.

This time, you won’t hear what worked last year, or what they used when they first started, or what they think might work… they’re sharing their tried and tested strategies for what’s working for them, right now!

If you want a jumpstart on innovative realistic ideas to help you leave your time-sucking job, launching your business, and experience time-freedom, claim your FREE ticket for eCom Sellers Summit right now:

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Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn during the speaker sessions:
LuSundra Gass Everett – Taxes
Peter Pru – eCom Funnels
Sam Cohen – Amazon & Warehouse Services
Shawn Mayo – Wholesale
Jessica Hill (ME!) – Maximizing Retail Arbitrage for Q4
Carly Hahn – Ebay
Barbara Drazga – Bundles
Chad Thibodeaux – Give method
And many more

You’ll receive a TON more cutting-edge and actionable information… if you sign up for your free spot in eCom Sellers Summit.

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If you want to get the latest and greatest strategies from the people who are creating the trends, then I’ll see you at eCom Sellers Summit.

Happy Selling!!!

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