How to Win the Buy Box

If you sell products on Amazon and want to grow your business, you must win the buy box. The retailers who feature on Amazon’s buy box for product pages are the retailers who sell more products, it’s that simple. But if you haven’t been in business long, you may not understand what the buy box is or why you need to “win” it.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The “buy box” is the area on the right of a product page where customers can click Add to Cart or the one-click Buy Now.

Each product on Amazon can be sold by Amazon themselves or various sellers from around the world, and there is always competition to be the cheapest or best seller offering the product in the seller list.

Why is the Amazon Buy Box so Important?

As I’m sure you are starting to gather, if you are the seller who gets the sale with the easy one-click add to cart or buy, you will get far more sales than the other merchants who offer the same product. The Buy Now button not only guarantees you the sale, but it also means the customer will associate you with Amazon and trust you over other sellers listed.

So How Do You Get Your Product in the Buy Box?

Firstly, make sure you have made your products buy-box eligible within your seller account. To do this, go to Manage InventoryPreferences, and then Buy Box Eligible. When you select this it will add another column that will say yes or no to Buy Box eligibility on each of your products.

Next, there are a few different things that can increase the likelihood of you winning the buy box:

  1. The top two factors that affect your eligibility are price and fulfillment speed. If you aren’t competitively priced, you won’t win it, and if you take 4-5 days to fulfill the order whereas your competitors use FBA (fulfillment by Amazon), you also won’t be seen as the best seller for the buy box.
  2. If you want to win the buy box, you really need to be using FBA. There aren’t many products that require you to be FBM (fulfillment by merchant), and if this isn’t the case, you will struggle to compete with the merchants who choose FBA.
  3. Take a good look at your pricing. Amazon is a marketplace that encourages merchants to offer consumers the very best price for products, but make sure the price you pick leaves you with a sustainable profit margin.
  4. Keep a healthy account, especially if you fulfill orders yourself. If you aren’t shipping good products and offering good customer support, Amazon won’t favor you. Amazon calculates seller-fulfilled ratings based on a few metrics: order defect rate (ideally below 1%), return dissatisfaction rate (less than 10%), buyer-seller contact metrics (response times above 24hrs and few late responses), recent customer metrics data, and valid tracking rate.
  5. If you do FBM, push for the fastest delivery times possible. Consumers expect Amazon deliveries to be fast, and often, consumers won’t make a big mental distinction between you and Amazon. If you are slow, it reflects badly on them, and thus you won’t win the buy box.
  6. Finally, you need to maintain your product stock. If you only have one unit left but another seller has 40 units, they’ll win the buy box because they’ll be able to fill the demand. While you don’t need to carry more stock than makes financial sense, you should aim to replenish your stock as regularly as possible, especially for best-selling products.

If you can meet all of Amazon’s expectations on these points, you are much more likely to win the buy box, and thus, drastically improve your sales numbers. If you do win the buy box, stay on top of all the above points to keep your place as number one merchant for that product.

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