Why You Should Be Marketing On Instagram

Let me ask you this question, does your brand have accounts for all the social media platforms? There are multiple these days, all the way from Facebook to TikTok. The one social media platform that is going to expand your business the most Instagram. Instagram has proven to be a top, powerful platform for brands that want to market who they are and what they sell.

There are about 800 million users active on Instagram, and about 550 million active users daily.  That is a ton of people, with more than 50% outside of the United States. This is the kind of platform that you want to market on. People are always checking and refreshing the home page on Instagram.  If you are marketing correctly on Instagram your brand will get the traffic and recognition it deserves.

Marketing on Instagram can be done in various ways.  You can market your brand by posting pictures, uploading daily stories and through paid advertisements.  Let’s look at some of these in more detail.

Instagram, Social media marketing, Instagram marketing

Customer Engagement

Engaging with customers is very important when you are wanting to start a brand. Each customer could be your last, which is why you should always treat them like they are royalty. Engaging with customers is key and Instagram makes that easy. With the help of  Instagram, you can connect with customers very easily by commenting and liking the different photos that people take with your products. Or answering direct messages about your brands and products, or just about you.

Customers appreciate brand owners engaging with them. You are going to get a  loyal audience by treating your customers as your #1 asset.  Instagram makes this easy.

Instagram, Social media marketing, Instagram marketing

Making Money

One of the biggest benefits to marketing on Instagram is the money you can make.    Instagram has evolved its money-making business over time, recently a new method called Shoppable Posts has entered the platform.  Shoppable posts are where businesses can tag photos with links to their store.  The links take people directly to the products where they can see the cost and purchase immediately.   These shoppable posts have made impulse buying easy.  These posts will increase income for your business and spread your brand name.

Instagram, Social media marketing, Instagram marketing

Brand Trust

People want a brand that they can trust, that matches their morals and their beliefs. Instagram can help you connect with the people who have the same values as your company. Brand trust can be gained by posting videos, pictures and going live on Instagram.

You can get creative with marketing on Instagram by making fun photos and videos while connecting to people all around the world.  Posting fun content will help your brand grow and sometimes the posts can go viral.  Brand trust is really easy to do when you are providing fun and information content to your audience.  Instagram is a good marketing tool for your brand!

Instagram, Social media marketing, Instagram marketing


Influencers are Instagram users who have a large and loyal following.  A good influencer can help drive sales for many brands.  Basically the top influencers on Instagram control what is trending on the platform.  An influencer can make a deal with a brand to promote a paid post. Using paid posts for your brand will increase sales, grow your audience base and make your products current.

Kim Kardashian is a very popular influencer on Instagram.  She currently has 157 million followers.  When Kim posts about a brand or a product that she likes people flock to the brands’ website by the thousands.  She charges $30,000 minimum for a post on her Instagram.  She has been known to make a post and have a product sell out within minutes.

Instagram, Social media marketing, Instagram marketing

Marketing on the Go

People are always on the go and technology is always changing. Being mobile these days is very important because anything can happen and you always want to be in touch with your supporters and customers. This is why Instagram is the perfect marketing platform. When this Instagram first came out it was a mobile app.  It was created to be used by mobile devices.  Since the interaction is mostly mobile, Instagram is very on the go friendly.  From running the kids around to going to different meetings, you can virtually run your entire Instagram marketing strategy from your phone.

After listing the reasons why you should market your brand on Instagram this makes me want to go and expand my brand more on Instagram! It is time for you to dive into your brand and go forth into the marketing world of Instagram.  Have fun and market on!

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