Are you suspended on Amazon? Do you have an Inauthentic Complaint in your Amazon Performance Account Health? Was a counterfeit complaint filed against your Amazon FBA account? Did a customer say your item was fake or leave a fake review on your account? Did a Brand file an Inauthentic Complaint against your Amazon seller account?

You will need to do the following steps: Request a Retraction from the Brand if a Brand submitted a counterfeit or inauthentic complaint against an ASIN or ASINs in your inventory.

You will need to submit a Plan of Action to Amazon as soon as possible. I prefer to respond to Amazon within 24 hours of the Performance notification email that they send me.

You will need ALL supporting documents- receipt(s), invoices, photo of your credit card with all but the last 4 digits blurred out as well as your form of identification.

You will need a ROBUST Plan of Action with details of what happened- the root cause of the inauthentic complaint with your supporting documentation attached.

I have helped many sellers get reinstated after suspension or have their listings reinstated after their performance notification has been resolved.
I have been suspended twice and reinstated twice- I wrote my own reinstatement documents and want to help YOU!

If you need the template I invite you to explore the Ecommerce Empowerment Mastermind group– all Plan of Action Templates are included in that PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE Group.

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