How to Prep items for Amazon FBA
Always review the Amazon TOS- Terms of Service to ensure you are following the most up to date prepping requirements for shipping items to Amazon FBA. You will need some basic prep tools- labels, polybags with suffocation warnings, removal devices for clearance stickers and the like. Here is a quick overview of how I prep my items and tips for you when starting your Amazon Online Selling Account.


Souring at Burlington Coat Factory FB Live Recap
Today I went to Burlington and was able to spend $552 in less than an hour and a half on #profitablinventory for my Amazon Store via #retailarbitrage

Souring at TJMaxx Recap
Today I went to TJMaxx and was able to spend over $1400 in less than 2 hours #profitablinventory for my Amazon Store via #retailarbitrage

Backpacks, Lunch boxes, Underwear, Bras, Men’s Socks, Activewear and Children’s clothing was where I found the goods!

Ladies of FBA/InventoryLab Masterclass webinar
We met with the Inventory Lab Team to discuss Inventory lab features and optimizing the use for current members.

Adding a Batch
Profit / Loss
New Features

Helium 10 tools for FBA and Retail Arbitrage sellers- Replay
This Software is amazing and I am SO excited to bring you our EXCLUSIVE discount only for our group!
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Grow your business faster if you do not have daily payouts with Payability. I have secured a $200 Sign-on Bonus and the fee is now 1.75% instead of 2% if you utilize my affiliate link below.
Once you get your account set up please send an email to: ladiesoffba@gmail.com and then you can pick 1 prize:
$100 Amazon Gift Card
Refurbished Zebra Thermal Printer with Labels
Eyeoyo Bluetooth Scanner
Just email me your email address so Vicky can look it up!

EasyKey Software discussion with Barbara Boschen.
This software allows you to populate backend keywords at a click of a button for all of your RA/OA/WS listings and submits them to your account in seconds.
Everyone that signs up with my affiliate link gets a free copy of the ebook Magic Words by Barbara Boschen- this is an EXCLUSIVE giveaway ONLY for Ladies of FBA!
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Reminder! Bring you sales tax certificate with you when shopping! You don’t want to pay sales tax!

Quick Overview of RevSeller- Finding Variations on an Amazon Listing
Just a quick couple minute video on how I use RevSeller Chrome Extension to search for ASIN variations when I am shopping via Online Arbitrage.

Thinking of joining a Retail Arbitrage Leads Group? Wanting to maximize your time and capital? Join me as we talk to Toni and Paul about the FBA Insiders Retail Arbitrages Leads Group- Limited spots!
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