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You want to create Youtube videos but you don’t have a top-notch camera. Since you don’t have a camera you most likely have a smartphone with a good camera. When creating videos for Youtube you can use your phone and get the same good video quality as an expensive camera. In this article, we will go through the top tips for recording videos on your smartphone for Youtube.

Lighting is key

Everyone knows that when you make a video for anything that good lighting is the key. When it comes to recording a video on your smartphone it might be difficult to deal with the lighting issue. There are a bunch of ways to sneak around that issue. One way is that if you are recording in a room that has a lot of windows then that can help. A smartphone will pick up the natural light and it will blend it with your video making you and whatever your recording look better.  Another tip is to get a ring light, they have small ring lights that attach to your phone for less than $10 at retailers like Walmart. You can also record outside just avoid direct sunlight so you don’t get washed out in the video.

Slow and steady for the win

When you are recording on your smartphone you could be moving around in the video. Motion videos are great for conversions as people will typically stop and watch a video where the subject is in motion but you want the motion to be smooth. A few tools that help me are selfie stick, tripod and large ringlight with cellphone stand. The ring light with cell phone stand is adjustable and I can easily prop it on a table or chair to get the exact height I want.

Audio control

When it comes to the audio you need to make sure that you can hear it. On a smartphone, it is a little tricky if you are just doing it with the phone and no other tools. The phone can pick up a lot of background noise that the camera may not. To stop this from happening you can go into a room that is going to be silent to record. You can also use headphones with a microphone or purchase a separate microphone that plugs into your phone.

Apps that help

There are various apps in the app store through your smartphone that could help with video editing and creation. I typically will review each of the apps prior to trying them out and see which apps have the best reviews. I personally use a mute app, filter app and video editing app.  Your normal camera app is good too but having that extra help could make a whole difference when you are recording on your smartphone. There are many different camera apps, you just have to find one that fits what you need. You might have to pay for some but others are free.

These are just the top tips when recording a video on your smartphone for Youtube. These tips will help you get started on your journey of making great videos for Youtube. Using your smartphone is just as good as using a camera when you use tools and apps. So now go start recording your video and upload it and watch the quality of the video be the same one as with a camera.

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