Did you just got notified that your organic perfume is tagged as hazardous? Don’t debate with the idea and ship your item as hazardous. So how do you know if what you are shipping is a hazardous material? Let’s end this guessing game. Perfume, aerosol, deodorants — things that can explode or pose safety and health risks. Sometimes your shipping carrier and Amazon don’t agree on the definition of hazardous but definitely go with Amazon, otherwise you lose another line in your inventory.

The Process. I use the diamond labels found on Uline. 

  1. I take two labels place it on two opposite sides of the box. The Top of the box should be reserved for your shipping labels.
  2. Make sure that your box has UP arrows on the box. If your box does not include the UP arrows then you may print out from your computer onto 4×6 labels and place it on your box. Make sure to put on two sides of the box. 
  3. Go to the shipping carrier’s website and create a ground shipment or call the number below for UPS.

Jessica’s Tips:

Now you are ready to fill your hazmat inventory levels approved by Amazon! 

Happy Selling!

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