Right off the bat, let me tell you that as a retail arbitrager, I do get a lot of cases that are just so frustrating or time consuming that the time spent on this can be well spent somewhere else in my business. But ignoring or not following up on your Amazon cases can be one mistake that is bleeding your business. Put all the cases together and you might well be missing out on a chunk of revenue you could have put back into your business to grow it more. While it is true that every cent counts, it is also true that every second of our time is gold – this is where SellerBench comes in.

Meet SellerBench, they are new in the business but they fully understand the work that goes into following up and recovering your money on Amazon.  SellerBench has personal recovery experts who submit cases for the sellers and follow up with Amazon Support. Their people does all the work for you and do not charge anything until they get your money back.

The charge for their services is 25% and this may sound like a lot of money but consider the time and effort you need to invest  in order to get your reimbursement. Plus, you might not be able to get it AT ALL, if not done the right way. SellerBench works promising a quick turnaround and covers all possible scenarios where money is stuck in Amazon waiting to be reclaimed by sellers.

Honestly, I can do my own case follow-ups and I can get my own reimbursements back too! Instead, I allow SellerBench to work that part of my business in a fast and efficient manner so I can focus on sourcing and managing my store. Remember, the principles of scaling up your business and one of those principles is LEVERAGING OTHER PEOPLE’S TIME. This is one scenario where I leverage SellerBench so I can funnel my time and effort into building up my business while someone else works on getting my money back. Unfortunately, they currently support the US market only.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for SellerBench services, you must be an Amazon Pro Seller. You will need to authorize SellerBench with Amazon MWS API credentials to import all of your storefront data.

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Reimbursement Recovery

You get your dedicated case manager who works your cases and files them for you, follows them up and lets you know of the status. Case managers work on you best interests and makes sure you are fairly reimbursed by Amazon but if you are not satisfied with the amount recovered then you can always send your concerns to SellerBench’s support 24/7. You also get a weekly report at in your email. No early termination fees and hidden charges to spook you!

Setting up your account:

You’ll need to complete two steps:

  • Add your MWS API Credentials to your SellerBench Profile (import data for reimbursement audits)
  • Add your case manager as a SellerCentral User (to manage your support cases)
  • You’ll need the following four permissions:
    • Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments (required for fulfillment reports, and reconciling shipments)
    • Fulfillment Reports (for following up with Seller Support with direct links)
    • Payments Reports (to confirm that reimbursements were paid out to you)
    • Manage Your Cases (for creating and replying to support cases)

Reimbursements covered by SellerBench:

  • Amazon lost inventory at the warehouse, and it has been 30 days
  • Amazon damaged inventory at the warehouse, and it has been 30 days
  • Amazon claims to have reimbursed a return but it has not been reimbursed
  • Amazon improperly received or miscounted items from inbound shipments in past 9 months
  • Amazon claims to have placed an item back into your inventory but it has not been replaced
  • Amazon issued a refund, but customer never returned item and it has been 45 days
  • Amazon accepted a return after 45 days but you weren’t reimbursed for the 20% restocking fee
  • Amazon reimbursed you for less quantity than you were supposed to get reimbursed for
  • Amazon’s reimbursement is too small compared to value of item
  • Amazon issued a chargeback but didn’t reimburse you
  • Amazon issued a partial refund but you were not reimbursed
  • Amazon approved refund past the normal approval window per their policy
  • Amazon destroyed item without your request or permission
  • Amazon refunded the customer more than they paid for originally
  • Amazon or carrier damaged a customer return
  • Amazon or carrier damaged inbound shipments in transit, and it has been at least 30 days
  • Total reconciliation of all inventory transactions

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Happy Selling!!

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