FB Live Replay- FBA Insiders Retail Arbitrage Leads group is OPEN for New Members! Only 46 spots left!! 

Here is more information about the group, from their website:

Retail stores are full of products that can be flipped for a profit on Amazon. Finding those products can take a ton of time and effort! Leaving the store empty-handed can be discouraging.

This is why we put together a group of sourcing experts to bring you great training and deals to help you achieve the highest success in selling on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you know how hard it can be to find profitable items in stores. Our experts have been selling on Amazon full-time and want to help you source just like they do.

We started as a Q4 group in 2018. Our members loved the high-value leads and quality content so much that we have kept the group going ever since!

Our High-Performance Group Numbers:

We’re a seasoned group with established systems and we work hard to serve our members well! Here’s the proof in numbers:

• Minimum Leads promised was 200, but we delivered 250!
• Minimum Profit promised is $5, but we delivered $14.30!
• Minimum ROI promised is 40%, but we delivered 144%!
• 4000+ Leads posted over the last 13 months!
• Leads posted from the start of the group all remain accessible – no other group does this!

200+ deals per month from big box retailers like:

• Walmart
• Kohl’s
• Walgreen’s
• Marshall’s
• TJ Maxx
• Barnes & Noble
• Home Depot
• Tuesday Morning
• Big Lots
• Ross
• And many other national and regional chain stores!

Access to LOADS of content:

• Small and Light Training
• Keepa Training
• Prepping Videos
• Store specific sourcing tips
• How to get extra discounts in stores
• Creative ROI Strategies

Daily support and advice from our Experts!

• Learn how to analyze deals to make an informed buying decision the way we do while we are out in stores
• Learn how to find hidden listings and maximize your profits
• Quick response times to all of your Amazon questions
• We NEVER close! Stay with our valuable group all year round!

Join FBA Insiders Retail Arbitrage Leads Group TODAY!

Note: This post contains affiliate links to which I obtain a small commission on the sale.

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