How to Prep items for Amazon FBA Always review the Amazon TOS- Terms of Service to ensure you are following the most up to date prepping requirements for shipping items to Amazon FBA. You will need some basic prep tools- labels, polybags with suffocation warnings, removal devices for clearance stickers and the like. Here is a quick overview of how I prep my items and tips for you when starting your Amazon Online Selling Account. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel for more Selling on Amazon Tips and Tricks!
Affiliate links to products I use:

Polybag Pack with Suffocation Warnings:

Scotty Peeler Pack:

Tape Gun:

The Gripper Seals:

Bubble Wrap Roll:

Bubble Pouches:

4×6 Shipping Label Rolls:

2×1 FNSKU Labels:

Zebra Thermal Printer:

Socket Bluetooth Barcode Scanner:

Happy Selling!!

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