We all want a perfect morning routine that is going to get our day started and have us be happy and ready to take on the world. You too can create your own perfect morning routine, it just takes a few simple changes overtime to get into daily positive habits in the morning. Everyone develops their own perfect morning routine so try many things and see what works for you. A good example is some people take showers in the morning and some people take them at night. For some people taking a shower in the morning is a huge part and needs to stay in their routine. This is why everybody will practice their own perfect morning routine. To make a perfect morning routine we will discuss 4 principles: mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. Once you establish the perfect morning routine that fits your lifestyle you will be well on your way to a happier, more fulfilled, life.

Let’s dive into the first principle: Mental. To give you a better explanation, mental is your mind, your different thoughts, values, goals, dreams, and desires. Your morning routine needs to have some mental focus to it. Some ways you can do that is to set goals for that day or long term goal. Maybe you can check off some goals that you have achieved. Allowing yourself to do this in the morning can make your day better because you know what you want to achieve. Another might be creating a list of things that need to get done that day. Just giving your time that mental space to think, will clear your mind. Many people find that positive affirmations and meditation help clear their mind of negative thoughts and emotions. Spending just 15 minutes meditating or chanting positive affirmations has been helpful to many people all over the world.

Spiritual is the next key principle on your way to practicing your perfect morning routine. Being spiritual is anything that inspires you to do better, to feel connected to the world to you. It does not have to be religion, but it can be. Everyone is spiritual in one way or not! Some ways you can practice is mediating. Now there are many ways to can mediate, you can listen to someone on an app lead you through one, or you can take yourself through one. This allows you to connect to yourself and just feel that connection you may have forgotten with the world or your self. Another might be you sitting outside watching the sky or the wildlife around you. Being in nature connects you on a deeper level to whatever connection you are looking for. This is very important when trying to practice your perfect routine.

The next key principle is emotional, all things that are related to your heart, relationships, and feelings. Creating a perfect morning routine will help you achieve balanced emotional well-being. One way of balancing my emotional well-being is by reciting gratitude affirmations. You can do this every morning as well as when you are experiencing negative emotions. If you create a mantra to recite every morning in addition to times of stress you can help change the way your body and mind process emotions.
My morning Mantra:
I am worthy.
I am grateful.
I have everything I need.
I am kind.
I am smart.
I love everybody.

I also recite words of affirmations with my children as well.

The last principle is physical, this entails what we do with your body in the morning, what steps we can take to get us up and ready for the day. Every morning I start off with a large glass of water with lemon to rehydrate my body from overnight respiration. Water is a simple way to rejuvenate your body. I also practice stretching, yoga, or light cardio in the morning. I often ride the stationary bike while I read a book on motivation, positivity, or self-love. Taking a nice walk outside with nature is a great way to promote positive physical well-being.

Now that you have heard about all 4 principles to help create your perfect morning routine its time for you to take action. Think about setting your alarm, prepare your meditation by selecting audio or video meditations the night before. If you are looking to do some yoga or stretching set out your mat in a location with plenty of space, I have my yoga mat in front of a large window for maximum natural light. You could prepare a large bottle of water and place it in the fridge for the next morning. Whatever you do to help your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being will be a benefit for your entire day!

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