When looking for hashtags for your brand or service,  it is important to find ones that are right for social monitoring and engagement. Finding the right hashtags will allow you to engage the target audience for your brand or products. When you have the right hashtags for your brand is it going to build your relationship with different customers and other brands. This is valuable to you because it can lead to business opportunities and more traffic to the product or service you are selling.

Whatever your brand is or the business you are trying to get into there are always top influencers that use hashtags. Finding out who the top influencers are will allow you to see what the key hashtags are for your niche.  It is important that you research this and make a list of the top hashtags, they are always changing. I highly recommend that you do research every day to find the hottest hashtags that are in the niche of what your brand is.

The next thing you might want to look at is what your competitor’s hashtags are. These don’t have to be top influencers, they can be people who are just starting out or who have been in the business for a little. You will always want fresh hashtags in your social media posts. Using what is used by your competitor will help get the post to the target audience.

Another key piece to finding the perfect hashtags is the use of a social media listening tool. Social listening is really monitoring your product or services social media channel for any feedback or direct mentions on your brand or keywords.  Most of the tools have a service called search streams that will show you different hashtags that are trending at that time of posting your Instagram post. Having a listing tool for your social media accounts will also leave room to make changes to posts if you need to add or edit different hashtags when your post goes live.

Instagram is a very good tool to use when trying to figure out hashtags for your brand. In the search bar, there is a way you can find just hashtags. You could search for endless hashtags that have been used or are being used at that very moment. You can also see what kind of posts that go with the hashtags which could give you ideas of what you want to post. If you see a hashtag that has a large number with it, that means that it has been used several times and is either trending or has been used by too much by users.

When looking anywhere for hashtags try to look at one that may be related to your brand topic or what your business is about. This will allow you to find hashtags that will fit your brand. Related hashtags may also bring in a new audience that you never thought might like your product. So if you are making a list of hashtags, I would also make one of related hashtags to save just in case you want to use it on your post!

Last thing to remember is that you don’t use hashtags that are irrelevant to your brand. This will just bring the wrong target audience to you, and it might even bring negative traffic to your brand. Use hashtags that bring your brand alive, that allows it to stand out in all other posts. Every post that you make is important to your brand so do not waste space on irrelevant hashtags that will do no good for your brand.

I hope you take this article and use it to make your brand trending with hashtags. The beginning can always be hard to start out but once you have this whole hashtag thing down it will become so easy. Make you are watching the trending hashtags, they are always changing day by day. Hashtags are supposed to define your business and bring in traffic to your account, not destroy it and bring the wrong audience. Take hashtags and own them! I know your brand will be successful if you are using hashtags right!

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