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Think of it this way, you have your products for sale on Amazon and each product has to stay competitive with its pricing versus other sellers out there. And prices change every 30 to 60 seconds! With so many factors to consider, you would have to be glued to your computer 24-hours, on your toes to stay competitive! That is the need that repricing apps answer. They manage your listing so your products and prices can stay competitive without you having to lose hours of sleep. But wouldn’t it be nifty to have an app that thinks almost like you?

Introducing the Aura Repricer! The first intelligent repricer of its kind.

What is Aura Repricer

Aura launched in late 2018 and is fairly new in the market but is receiving rave reviews. The app allows users to manage as many as 50,000 SKUs (and if you go beyond this number just let Aura know and they will help you out!)

Why use Aura?

Aura does not have tiered pricing unlike other repricers in the market. It’s current price is at $97 (read on to find out how you can get it FREE for 2 weeks!). The interface is user friendly, and responsive. If you are not a techy person, Aura is designed to adjust to your level of technical comfort. The dashboard contains well -thought out customized strategies that new users can adopt or manually change as they learn how Aura works.

The custom strategy builder allows users  to customize how the seller competes in the buy box and considers several scenarios that a seller would consider such as the competition type, lowest FBA or featured sellers. The selling point of the Aura for me is that it allows the application to consider several scenarios that actually happen in the Amazon selling process! The app is designed to think like a seller.

Key Features

Aura allows for extensive exclusion unlike other repricers. For instance, it allows you to exclude seller by feedback rating, exclude back ordered sellers, or even exclude competition with longer handle times. This allows you to streamline against whom you want to compete in the buy box. Aura allows you options that make sense to your listing or your business.

How to price against those in the buy box?

One other feature that is quite nifty is the repricing options. It is like having a whole lot of option laid out before you and you get to choose between apples or oranges and not being hand fed with apples when you want oranges! You get to choose if you want your repricing to be in terms of pennies or by percentages. It also allows you the option to select competition to price against Seller for Prime or FBA. Plus, if there is no one in the competition or where the buy box is suppressed, then  your price doesn’t have to keep going down! You can actually tell Aura to push it to the full price! Price changes in as little as 60 seconds, so how does Aura compare in terms of speed? The answer is it depends on your listing. Aura is able to learn the changes as soon as they happen. As soon as the listing changes, this is sent to the API and API informs Aura.  This means that you don’t have to log in daily to make sure your pricing remains competitive.

Maintenance feature

Another feature that is unique to Aura is its maintenance section. This helps you stay in the buy box without repricing. It is a  form of automation where Aura foresees possible shifts and keeps you in the box and you can also disregard this feature and just follow your strategy.

Min/Max Pricing

Again, the Aura interface keeps the technical levels of users. When setting up the minimum and maximum pricing (the last stage in setting up the strategy), users get to choose under the following options: manual,ROI, Profit Margin and also allows for Liquidation Strategy.

Here are a few suggestions from Aura’s Carter Dillon. (Watch the full interview HERE):

  • Your max should be at a healthy boundary.
  • Don’t use percentage under Maintenance options. Use pennies, this will keep you at level with the other players in the buy box.
  • Download your sales for the last three months, sort based on ROI and delete any outliers.
  • Place your max at the max according to the report and add a 5% buffer.. Use historical data to determine your numbers.
  • Name your strategy in such a way that when you look at the title you would understand what it does off the bat.

How Aura stacks up against the competition

In so many ways!  Aura picks up any changes you made to your pricing and applies the strategy you have. The reason why sellers do not rely solely on the Amazon Pricing feature is because, at its current version, Amazon Pricing prices you down and does not allow customization the way repricers do. It is not built to be competitive and follows market trends. The Amazon API does not accurately show you were in rotation in the buy box.

Features in the works

One exciting features coming up that Carter mentioned in the interview is the capability to exclude specific competitor or that nuisance seller who just can’t get enough of your listings and keeps following you around!

Features coming up: exclude specific competitor

Time settings in the works

UI/UX Fixes on listings filter

Try Aura Today!

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