Selling on Amazon-20 Acronyms you need to know
Selling on Amazon for Beginners starts with the basic acronyms to be learned for the platform.
Here are 20 Top Acronyms you need to know:
ASIN – Amazon standard information number – Amazon’s internal tracking identifier for each listing in their catalog. It’s similar to a UPC but is exclusive to Amazon.
BB – Buy Box
BOLO – Be on the lookout.
BSR – Best Seller Rank
DS – Drop Shipping
FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon
FBM – Fulfilled by Merchant
FC – Fulfillment Center
FNSKU – Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit
MF – Merchant Fulfilled
MSRP – Manufacturer’s suggested retail price
OA – Online Arbitrage
PL – Private Label
PPC – Pay per click advertising
Q4 – 4th Quarter
RA – Retail Arbitrage
ROI – Return on Investment
SKU – Stock Keeping Unit
UPC – Universal Product Code
WS – Wholesale

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